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Edibles are an excellent choice when consumed carefully. Still, it is easy to accidentally over-indulge, particularly for those who are new to the world of cannabis-imbued food & drinks. To better understand what type of cannabis edibles to consume, we have put together this top choice list of cannabis edibles.

Join us as we explore everything you should know about cannabis edibles for newbies before you opt to buy cannabis edibles online.

What are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are defined as any food item that contains cannabinoids, particularly THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It is an extended range that includes stuff like the stereotyped pot brownie & has expanded to include flavorful snack foods, sparkling beverages, & delicious desserts such as ice cream & cakes.

If you want to enjoy edibles, then choosing edible cannabinoids, Canada is the best choice for you.

Do The Edibles Taste Same as Cannabis?

Yes & no. How much an edible taste similar to cannabis depends on several factors, including the flavor profile of the cannabis edible & its potency. Cannabis edibles with intense flavor profiles, like coffee or chocolate, will cover up the taste of cannabis better than a lighter cannabis edible. Edibles with greater potency also tend to taste pretty much like cannabis.

Top Choice Edibles for Newbies 

The best edibles for newbies are those with low potency. If you are new to edibles, we suggest beginning with the lowest potency & working your way up. It is always possible to take in more but impossible to take in less once it is in your system.

Here are some top choices for you to take a look at before opting for edible cannabinoids, Canada.


Gummies are one of the most popular cannabis edibles among newbies & can be found at many dispensaries. Gummies are available with only THC, only CBD, or a combination of both.

Moreover, gummies also make up a significant portion of edible’s market value amount. They are colorful, fun, taste great, & the chemistry between cannabis & sugar often means a stronger effect in consumption.

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At dispensaries, cookies are also very popular cannabis edibles among beginners. For individuals who love that warm, savory, & gooey chocolate chip taste, blend that with a small amount of cannabis & you have got a winning combination. However, the difficulty with cannabis cookies is that it can be tough constraining yourself to only one or a few.

Cannabis edibles such as cookies have presumably made cannabis more accessible to a larger group of people. They are warm, soft, & the recipe is very adjustable, which offers dispensaries the opportunity to make their own cookie.


Brownies are a classic edible. Many individuals gravitate towards brownies as it is what they know. Needless to say, cannabis brownies have been around in general culture for a very long period & are very normalized in the world of cannabis dispensaries. These types of cannabis edibles taste exceptionally delicious as well when done right.


Candies are one of the sweeter cannabis edibles favorite among newbies. Usually baked from a simple blend of corn syrup, food coloring, cannabis, & butter, the resulting hard cannabis candies are easy to carry & consistently provide the effect you need.

Once again, there are THC candies, CBD candies, & full-spectrum cannabis candies available at dispensaries. Unlike cannabis edibles like brownies, cannabis candies are less likely to be made at home by users & more likely to be purchased thru a dispensary.

If you want to enjoy some savory edibles, opt for edible cannabinoids, Canada today.


Chocolates are an excellent way to micro-dose cannabis for newbies who are not interested in other edibles. Like many other cannabis edibles, chocolates include lower dosages of THC & are a perfect initiation to the world of what cannabis might do. You can consume chocolates discreetly as well.

However, as a warning, make sure that cannabis chocolates or any other cannabis edibles identical in design are correctly labeled in your house. Especially if you’ve kids, safety is the utmost priority.


Truffles are addictive, but the cannabis in them is not. Cannabis-infused truffles are absolutely delicious while still providing the impact you wish for in a few quick bites. Looking just like Timbits, truffles can be dipped & covered in a variety of sugar, sprinkles, nuts, or chocolate.

Edibles like truffles are a great holiday treat if you are looking to have a birthday celebration or Christmas party. A little more challenging to make at home, cannabis truffles are a go-to cannabis edible.

How Long Does the Edible’s Effect Last?

One thing to consider while taking cannabis edibles is that the effects last for a very long time than they do if you are smoking. Some edibles might last as long as 8 hours, while those in the form of liquid typically cap out at 5 hours. Indeed, this varies from one edible to another, so be ready to spend most, or even all, of your day under the effect of cannabis.

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When it comes to cannabis edibles, you just don’t want to dive in & start off with a high dosage. All you need to do is start low & go slow. Therefore, you should begin with edibles like the ones mentioned above.

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