Wake & Bake – Should I or Should I Not?

If you smoke weed or have friends who do, you’ve definitely heard of the term wake and bake before. I’d bet that you’re lying if you say that you haven’t thought of it, either! With vaping becoming one of the most popular items on mail order marijuana sites in the recent years, waking and baking has become even easier because you can discreetly take a couple pulls before you leave the house or even just before you walk into work. However, with that being said, this can be a controversial topic for many because let’s be honest: marijuana is still considered a drug and still holds somewhat of a stigma around it (even with legalization).

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide when considering the pros and cons of wake & baking.


While cannabis is popular for it’s recreational uses, many people also use it as medicine for pain management. If you suffer from chronic aches in your body, it may be something to consider to help get you through your day. Our tip is to experiment on a day off to see how much cannabis manages your pain well while you’re still functional to get on with your day. We recommend sativa strains for daytime smoking!

Many people also smoke marijuana to ease their nerves. Getting high on a day where you feel not particularly your best can help reduce the amount of anxiety that stays with you throughout your day. If you’re normally an anxious person, you probably know the feeling of not being able to do things because of your anxiety. If smoking weed helps alleviate that, we are totally for it!

Just because you like it!
At CrazyCannabis, we believe that smokers should be allowed to smoke weed for the enjoyment of it. If smoking first thing in the morning sets your day off on a good note, then so be it! Just because it’s not traditional doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

The Nitty Gritty

If you’re an avid weed smoker, you’ve probably noticed your body has adapted and your tolerance has gone up. While it’s great that you’re not passing out from a couple tokes anymore, a higher tolerance also means a heftier cannabis bill, whether you’re ordering weed by mail or purchasing it in store. Smoking every morning and throughout the day will unfortunately add to your tolerance – so be sure it’s a habit you’re ready to pick up on!

While smoking up in the morning can be an awesome thing, some people are heavily fatigued by the burnout that comes a few hours after. For many who work 9-5, this can mean that shortly after lunch, you’re falling asleep at your seat. This can get in the way of doing your job properly or even just not doing the things that you really want to! As always, be mindful and see what works best for you.

It’s been proven in a few different studies that cannabis isn’t addictive in the same way a cigarette would be. Even though that very well could be true, there are definitely people out there who are mentally dependent on marijuana to get through their day. We believe that cannabis should add to your life – not be something that you have to do. Our favourite rule of thumb: smoke when you can, but not when you shouldn’t.

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