All About Vapes

One of the newest popular methods of intaking cannabis is through vaping and it’s definitely popping up all over different online dispensaries. We find that it’s become one of the most convenient ways to smoke cannabis without giving off a heavy smell or looking as though you’re smoking something heavy duty. Perfect for medical marijuana users! Wanna know if it’s for you? Here’s everything you need to know to give it a shot:

What is it?

Isn’t vaping similar to smoking? Isn’t it smoking? Vaping could be seen as heating up cannabis/CBD distillate to the point where it becomes a very fine vapour that you’re able to inhale. This process happens very quickly in vape pens! In comparison to lighting up a joint, vaping is considered to be healthier as it doesn’t produce carcinogenic compounds that happens when cannabis is combusted. This also results in a smoother pull, which reduces irritation in your lungs and throat.

What should I buy? 

We would recommend for you to try disposable/rechargeable pens if you’re experimenting with vaping. What we love about these is that there’s not a huge monetary commitment and you don’t have to know a lot about vaping in general in order to use them. These pens come in varieties of flavours under different brands and usually don’t require any extra prep work in order to use! Just pull, maybe press a button and you’re good to go.

We would recommend trying our CG Extracts Pen in Northern Lights!

The reason why we recommend getting a rechargeable one (whether it’s disposable or not) is because we’ve noticed that many disposable pens that don’t have a charging feature don’t normally allow you to really make use of all of the oil. And if you get a full on reusable and rechargeable one, you’ll be able to switch out your cartridges for different flavours!


Most cartridges for these types of pens are made with a 510 threading – and most, if not all brands, have converted over to this! If you want to try a different brand with your pen, just double check that your pen and that new cartridge has the same threading type and you’ll be good to go!

Let us know if you have any questions about our vapes and we’ll be happy to help answer!

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