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Golden Monkey Extracts – THC Hot Chocolate – Milk Chocolate Drink Mix

Spread the holiday cheer this winter season and enjoy the warmth of Golden Monkey Extracts Hot Chocolate beverages! Made with real, premium Belgian chocolate for an exquisite richness, and topped with fluffy marshmallows, this beverage mix will have you as cheery as Ol’ Nick himself! Each beverage ins infused with 150mg of THC to help you get through the long, freezing Canadian winters and make them a little more fun! Simply add water and enjoy, or blend together with hot milk for the best results.

From body-numbing and uplifting effects, you’ll always be happy to stay inside once you have your hands on this THC Hot Chocolate Milk Drink Mix!


Pour contents into cup and add hot water (use milk for richer taste) and stir.

This product contains high levels of THC.