How to Store Your Cannabis

Let me describe a scenario to you: you’re spring cleaning and you find a whole mailer full of weed that you bought online. And then the panic sets in. Do you remember when you bought it? Or when you hid it? Is it even okay to smoke anymore? That safe place you stored it became a little too safe and you ended up completely forgetting you had it. Been there, done that. Here are some of our best storage tips to help ensure that your cannabis stays the freshest that it can.

1. Keep it in a cool, dry place. 

We recommend keeping your weed with a Boveda pack – this way you’ll be able to control the humidity ensuring that there’s not enough moisture for mold to grow, but it also doesn’t get so dried out that it leaves you with that harsh feeling in your throat. If you’re an avid smoker, you know the feeling. If you’re newer, we hope that you don’t need to experience it!

2. Keep it vacuum sealed.

Keeping your cannabis in a vacuum sealed bag will help contain the oxidization of your weed. But since we know not everyone has a vacuum sealer, so you can always go for a glass jar, as well. Second to vacuum sealing, we like mason jars best for a tight and convenient seal.

3. Store it in a dark place. 

This means not in direct sunlight, even indoors. We recommend storing in cupboards or drawers to help preserve the freshness. And again, make sure where you’re storing it is cool! If you store your weed in direct sunlight, it’ll bump up the heat in the jar and reduce the freshness of your weed quickly.

4. Purchase good quality cannabis. 

This doesn’t always mean to purchase the most expensive strain that’s available, but rather, buy from a place that you trust. Quality is also determined by how long your bud lasts – you can have an ounce of the best weed you’ve ever seen, but if that ounce only stays that way for a couple days after purchasing, that becomes a bit of a problem!

A variety of factors can affect strain quality which is why we go through thorough quality testing before we put a strain on our site. Let us know if we should have any other storage tips on here in the comments!

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