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4.9 rating
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 103 reviews)
Very good10%


They fixed it

5.0 rating

My order had not shown up so they resent it this is a very good company when there is a problem they fix

Mike Edwards

Crazy Cannabis fixed their mistake

3.0 rating

I ordered two Ozs from Crazy Cannabis on Thursday, April 1st. Friday, April 2nd, I realized that my tracking numbers still weren’t being recognized by Canada Post’s Tracking System. Which is very strange considering the very first thing that Canada Post does when they receive a Package is immediately scan it into their system. It’s actually illegal for Canada Post to accept delivery of any package without proof that the package is now in their hands. That Friday, Crazy Cannabis insisted it was a Canada Post problem. I told them that it wasn’t and they asked me to give it more time. Again, I messaged them Monday afternoon and told them that there was obviously a mistake made with the Tracking Numbers. They insisted that there wasn’t and again asked for more time. I said OK, but I also called Canada Post to make sure that there wasn’t some change being made at the Point of Origin that I wasn’t aware of. There wasn’t, and they said that the only way that the tracking numbers are not being recognized was if Crazy Cannabis didn’t actually deliver the product to them yet. That there was a problem on their end. So again I messaged them on Tuesday and explained the situation and again they asked for more time. I told them that it was a mistake on their end and they denied that they had made a mistake. Fine… I started going back through the Orders that I had made and leaving reviews stating that they had ripped me off. Crazy Cannabis kept removing the reviews but low and behold around Noon PST that afternoon, my tracking numbers showed up. They obviously realized their mistake as when I received my package this morning, I also received an 1/8th of an OZ for free. Look, you guys have pretty decent product. Even when my bank is just about broke, I can find something decent through you guys. And being that there is another review on your Website at the moment describing the same problem that I was having, this obviously isn’t an isolated incident. You really need to work on providing better Customer Service. Go back to Customer Service 101 where the Customer is always right. If they are providing you with proof that there was a mistake made on the order, it’s not in your best interests to deny all accountability. I’m happy this morning but it took me nearly two weeks and a lot of headaches to get here. Also, being that the mistakes being noted seem to be coming from your delivery method, maybe it is best to take a good close look at your logistics and figure out how these problems are being made.

Michael Cushing

Great site!

5.0 rating

Love the weed! I’m recently new to ordering weed online and this site is the best. I love the variety of strains and how it’s frequently updated with new stuff each week. I’m very pleased with my orders 😍 and the help received when Inquiring about my orders. Very helpful, thank you. 👍🏽💯


So happy

5.0 rating

I suffer from depression and this site is a lifesaver!


Great online dispensary

5.0 rating

Love their flower and prices


New Stock

4.0 rating

I love how often this site gets new strains in stock. I get tired easily of smoking the same strain for a while, it’s nice to have a different selection to choose from every time I go to place a new order!

Lean Kuzi

Good Online Dispensary

5.0 rating

Quick and easy service, and have a great selection of products.

Toni Carter

Best Dispensary

5.0 rating

I’ve tried many dispensaries and you will not go wrong with Crazy Canabis. Great product and service.

Green Pete

Best MoM I ever tried

4.0 rating

This site rocks. I’ve never been disappointed by the quality of the product and the price is fantastic. 2oz for 2 bills incredible. The king Louis is amazeballs

Ryan Turner

Mr Nice Guy is nice

5.0 rating

My free sample of the Mr Nice Guy was sweet. Very smooth. And the other stuff I got was good too 🙂
The Mr. Nice Guy free sample I got was SUPER SMOOTH. The other stuff I got was good too, very happy with my order

Samuel Winters

Very satisfied with the delivery process. Very speedy. I enjoy all the selections of edibles aswell. Some nice green to choose from, just a little unsure on the THC levels listed. AAAA's have seemed a little light. The Wedding Cake felt more like a 17%, then a 25% it was listed at. I hope the green on my next order is stronger. Overall I am quite satisfied

5.0 rating

Very Satisfied

Mr. Morrison

Thank you!

5.0 rating

I’ve never ordered buds online before but I went all in and ordered an oz. Not only are the buds awesome, like as I write awesome, it came within 4 days. I am shook. Def. ordering again.



5.0 rating

I love this site. Tried the cbd products, awesome. Tried the mix and matches for edibles and shrooms. Great Deal!


Love crazycannabis

5.0 rating

I’m very happy with my order. Great high for a great price.


Awesome mail order marijuana site!

5.0 rating

Great selection of marijuana, fast shipping!


Je suis très impressionné et satisfait

5.0 rating

J’ai reçu ma commande dans un contenant ”vaccum seal” en moin de deux jours, c’est même arrivé avec une surprise en plus 😉 . Je suis maintenant un client de crazycannabis pour tout le temps.
Thank You Cory and all the CrazyCannabis team. Great service , great product

Marc-André Poitras

Best online company to deal with and very fast shipping.

5.0 rating

I have to be very honest, Crazy Cannabis is the very best online place I ever deal with in sometime and the shipping is so fast you don’t wait to long for your order to come to come in ,they’re a very honest company and their products and sales that are on. Are Awesome I will keep dealing with this company and their packing and shipping of their products, and the best is you can’t smell any of the Cannabis products at all because they pack it so good, and they also will include a free gram of Cannabis for you to try to see later if later down the road you may want to order and get more of it. I will be staying with this online Cannabis company and their products for a very long time and I still can’t get over the fast shipping they do, so Crazy Cannabis a very big Thank You and your online ordering company.!

John Paul

Blue Meanie Mushrooms

5.0 rating

I found this a pleasant high. Giddy a bit and relaxed. 1st time I tried these ones and was my 3rd time trying psilocybin.



5.0 rating

Fast sipping got my order in2days very satisfied no problems would recommend thanks 👍



5.0 rating

im super happy with this product, always great deal superb prices, great online dispensary


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